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How to Hear and Respond to God’s Call

In a Noisy and Chaotic World

SCRC Catholic Renewal Presents

A powerful series for Christians struggling to find a path through the tumult and struggles of modern life.

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3 Videos to Provide Clarity to Those Having Trouble Hearing God's Voice

Fr. Bill Delaney, S.J. is followed by two SCRC Classics videos selected by him to support the important message of this Virtual Event. 

Fr. Bill Delaney, S.J.

"He Who Has Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear"

Difficult and trying times can take a toll our spiritual life and give rise to new doubts and concerns. How do we hear God's voice amidst a chaotic and demanding world? In this talk, Fr. Bill Delaney, S.J. conveys a powerful teaching for Christians experiencing the turmoil and trials of the current times.  Fr. Bill tells of prophetic warnings about the future and draws from Biblical lessons of the past. We learn that even in the worst of times, God shows us the path that allows us to grow in trust and faith in Him.

Deacon Alex Jones

"Continuing Conversion: Let My People Grow!"

In the hustle and bustle of today's world, it's so easy to drift into a state of spiritual minimalism and/or complacency. The Father, however, encourages us to grow and become strong in both our faith and His grace, always ready to share the hope that is in us. This video is from the SCRC Classics archive, recorded at the 2013 SCRC Convention.

Margarett Schlientz , Ph.D.

"Growing Deeper in Personal Prayer"

How did you pray as a child? How do you pray now? Dr. Margarett will guide us in steps to growing in our personal prayer life. This video is from the SCRC Classics archive, recorded at the 2013 SCRC Convention.

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