Charisms for Ordinary People

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A celebration of the Holy Spirit as a living reality in daily life.

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A virtual event to grow and learn about the power of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Featuring video presentations from five speakers and music ministry

"Charisms in Everyday Life"

Fr. Bob Hogan, BBD

Director, Charismatic Renewal Center, San Antonio, TX

Fr. Bob assures us how Charisms are integral the daily lives of anyone who wants to serve Jesus.  Discussing both Scripture and personal experiences, Fr. Bob explains how striving eagerly for Gifts of the Holy Spirit is a required part of our Christian life.  He goes on to tell of the power of Charisms in key aspects of our everyday lives, including family, work, and relationships.

“Daily Living in the Spirit”

Kay Murdy

Author, Speaker, Whittier, CA,

How can we live in the power of the spirit on earth every day?  Kay Murdy walks us through specific steps that we can take to live a life in the Spirit.  And as we open our life to God, Kay discusses ways to be the Fruit and live a life that is pleasing to God.

"Charisms and Community"

Fr. Bill Delaney, SJ

Pastoral Coordinator, SCRC, Burbank, CA

Scripture explains that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will be distributed differently to everyone with the result that each person has a different service and role within the community. Fr. Bill discusses the role of an individual’s Gifts in the community and the role and value of the community for an individual’s Charisms.  The community needs Charisms, and the Charisms need community.


Catherine Smith, IHM

Immaculate Heart Community; Word Gifts Chairperson, SCRC Convention

Catherine tells her story of the way the Holy Spirit moved gently and yet powerfully in her life, ultimately bringing her into a deeper relationship and union with Jesus Christ.


Jackie Macabuhay

Music Director, Heart of Jesus Prayer Community, Incarnation Parish, Glendale, CA

Jackie, who grew up not knowing anything of the Holy Spirit, tells her story of witnessing the power of the Holy Spirit in her life.  When she was diagnosed with cancer, she turned to God to ask for the gifts, received them at an SCRC Convention, and had her life transformed.

Music Ministry

Heart of Jesus Music Ministry

Incarnation Parish, Glendale, CA


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