Spiritual Warfare: The Battle is Now!

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A faith-filled virtual event on the subject of Spiritual Warfare.

Equip yourself with knowledge, protection, and spiritual growth by learning about the battles being waged around you and what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Spiritual Warfare Presentations:

Spiritual Warfare: The Battle is Now!

Fr. John Farao, OFM Conv, exorcist for the Diocese of Monterey, California, explains the spiritual battle that is being waged against us, whether we realize it or not.  He discusses the dark forces that war against us, the methods they use, and ways to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Part 2 - What Happened to All Hallows' Eve?

What Happened to All Hallows' Eve?

Dominic Berardino, President of SCRC, explains how the transformation of the very beautiful and powerful Catholic celebration of All Hallows' Eve into Halloween as we know it now highlights a spiritual battle in our midst.  Dominic explains the value and power of All Hallows' Eve and All Saints Day while sharing stories of the dark forces that are all too often invoked at Halloween.


Spiritual Protection Prayers for You and Your Family.

Fr. Bob Garon leads prayers to protect us from spiritual harm and interference.


Music Ministry and Eucharistic Holy Hour

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Expert Presenters on Spiritual Warfare:

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